Mario Kart Tour – fastest Nintendo mobile game launch in history

Mario Kart Tour has been available for a little over a week, and it has now become “Nintendo’s fastest mobile game launch in its history. Thanks to over 90 million unique downloads. The numbers This far surpasses the 14,3 million first week downloads that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp received. Dr. Mario World only saw 3,6 ... Read more

Mario Kart Tour – 10.1 Million downloads on day 1

Apptopia, a company that analyses and tracks app downloads, published a report on Mario Kart Tour. According to Apptopia’s report, Mario Kart Tour was downloaded 10.1 million times in its first 24 hours. This means they beaten Pokemon GO’s earlier score of 6.7 million downloads as well as Super Mario Run’s 4.7 million downloads in ... Read more

Mario Kart Tour – unlockable characters & kart appearance rates

Mario Kart Tour released an Nintendo revealed all the appearance rates for all the unlockable characters and karts from the gacha-like pipe system. Appearance Rates Normal- 5% Appearance Rate Koopa Troopa Dry Bones Baby Daisy Baby Mario Baby Peach Shy Guy Birthday Girl Kart Bullet Blaster Kart Mushmellow Kart Pipe Frame Kart Koopa Dasher Kart ... Read more

Mario Kart Tour – Pauline confirmed

After her modern return in Super Mario Odyssey, it looks like mayor Pauline will also be making her racing debut in Mario Kart Tour! Let’s just hope that continues over to Mario Kart 9. Nintendo has officially revealed that the character would be a playable racer in the mobile game. Singing sensation Pauline from Super ... Read more

Mario Kart Tour – Next Construction Trailer – Toads in Paris

Have you ever visited Paris before? No well soon you’ll be able to race on its streets with Mario and friends! Nintendo released yet another new trailer for Mario Kart Tour. Just like in Tokyo and New York, we got to see more Toads setting up the famous city for the upcoming mobile game – ... Read more

Mario Kart Tour – Another Construction Trailer

It looks like the Big Apple is almost ready to welcome Mario and friends with the upcoming mobile Mario Kart Tour! Nintendo has released a new trailer for Mario Kart Tour. New York Course Under Construction Just like in Tokyo, the industrious Toads are once again setting up things for a big race – and ... Read more

Mario Kart Tour – Official trailer

Nintendo recently announced that Mario Kart Tour is on track to launch on September 25 for mobile devices. To gear up for the upcoming racing title, you can pre-register for it right now on iOS or Android. About Mario Kart World Tour Mario Kart takes a world tour! Mario and friends go global in this ... Read more

My Way Commercial featuring Mario Kart And Super Mario Maker 2

Nintendo of America has put out another TV commercial focusing on the Nintendo Switch. The latest commercial features Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and recently released Super Mario Maker 2. This summer, play Nintendo Switch your way – at home, on the go, and everywhere in between. MY WAY TO PLAY Play together, anytime, anywhere. The ... Read more

Mario Kart Tour – Race around tracks in reverse

In the closed beta for Mario Kart Tour, fans have discovered that the game allows you to race around tracks in reverse! Video credits: GameXplain In reverse gear This is different to the mirror mode in Mario Kart 8 as that just mirrors the course where as this allows you to play the entire course ... Read more

A hour of Mario Kart Tour gameplay

As more participants begin to gain access to the Mario Kart Tour Closed Beta, more gameplay footage has started appearing on the Internet. Now we have a video that offers over one hour of footage, which basically shows how every track looks like in Mario Kart Tour at this time. About Mario Kart Tour Mario ... Read more

Mario Kart Tour – Closed Android Beta in US and Japan

Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo’s upcoming Mario Kart game for mobile devices, is coming this summer and  Nintendo has announced a beta program for the game. Residents in the United States and Japan who own Android devices will be able to sign up to join from until 7th May (8th May in Japan). The actual beta ... Read more

My Way focus on Overcooked 2 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Nintendo of America has released another advert for the My Way series. Buddy up or go it alone in the chaotic, co-op cooking game Overcooked 2. And keep the fun going as you compete in the ultimate kart-racing game, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe! Overcooked 2 & Mario Kart 8 Deluxe are available now on Nintendo ... Read more

My Way Trailers – Super Mario Party, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Yoshi’s Crafted World

Nintendo is continuing to showcase several Nintendo Switch games with a series of new commercials under the Nintendo Switch My Way theme. Play the games you love, however you like. Super Mario Party & Mario Kart 8 Deluxe are available now exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Jump into a new Yoshi adventure in a world made ... Read more

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Best Selling

It was a very wise decision by Nintendo to port the excellent Mario Kart 8 from the Wii U to the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo confirmed  that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the best-selling Nintendo Switch game. By far The game has sold 15.02 million units globally and brings total Mario Kart 8 sales to 23 ... Read more

Mario Kart Tour coming Summer 2019

The long-awaited mobile version of the Mario Kart series which is titled Mario Kart Tour has been delayed again it seems. Mario Kart Detour Mario Kart Tour was initially meant to be released this April, but Nintendo has stated  that it is now scheduled for the summer. The reason for the delay is simply that ... Read more

My Way – Final Fantasy VII & Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Nintendo of America has been running an advertising campaign called Nintendo Switch My Way which shows just how versatile the system is for everyone of all age groups. This particular My Way advert focussing on the best-selling Nintendo Switch game, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and the upcoming Nintendo Switch title, Final Fantasy VII (original). Play ... Read more

Fan Mod – Kirby, Samus, and Pirahna Plant added to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Nintendo fans are now one half-step closer to racing as their favorite characters in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Oh Nintendo just make some DLC for it! Footage courtesy of ContraNetwork Fan Mods A wave of fan mods are presently making their way to the Nintendo Switch port – adding characters such as Kirby and Samus ... Read more

Lakitu in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX + new courses

The arcade title Mario Kart Arcade GP DX has added a new character and also new courses. New in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX The new character is the loveable Lakitu and the newly added courses to the game include Banana Labyrinth and DK Jungle in the new Donkey Kong Cup. The arcade title has also ... Read more

Nickelodeon Kart Racers

Racers to the starting line…it’s GO SLIME! Hit the Slime-filled race tracks with Nickelodeon Kart Racers! Select a racer from one of your favorite Nickelodeon series, including SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy from SpongeBob SquarePants, Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Arnold and Helga from Hey Arnold!, & Angelica, Tommy and Reptar ... Read more

Mario Kart VR debuts at VR ZONE Portal

Something that is bound to be of interest to Nintendo fans is Mario Kart VR. Video credits: Engadget Mario Kart VR The virtual reality take on the famous karting series will be making its debut in the United States soon at VR ZONE Portal. The first location in the United States to host the game will ... Read more