Monolith Soft Art Director; Baten Kaitos 3 is geannuleerd maar…

Monolith Soft kunstenaar Yasuyuki Honne heeft onthuld dat de derde game in de veelgeprezen Baten Kaitos-serie is geannuleerd.

Hij zou echter graag zien dat het project opnieuw wordt gestart nu de ontwikkeling van Xenoblade Chronicles 2 en de uitbreidingen ervan is begonnen.

Zou jij Baten Kaitos willen?

It’s been 10 years since the release of Baten Kaitos 2 (Baten Kaitos Origins) and it’s pains me to continue getting requests for a sequel. Since enough time has gone by I think it’s okay to talk about it a bit. Right after the release of Baten Kaitos 2, I was working on a sequel at Namco (now Bandai Namco) and we were onto pre-productions, however before Baten Kaitos 3 could become a reality, talk between involved parties ended due to circumstances.

Had we released the game, it would’ve been something grand, and would take you to the bottom of the seas, the earth, and the sky. Bandai Namco still has a lot of my planned work that’s been sealed away. For those of you requesting a sequel, don’t just ask Monolith Soft and myself, but Bandai Namco as well.

Dus gaming community maakt jouw wensen met betrekking tot Baten Kaitos bekend!