We are working hard so you could find as much information as possible about a release (game) at NintendoReporters. This so that you do not have to leave our medium for that information either.

More release details

Met die reden hebben we besloten om naast de standaard zaken rondom een release zoals; titel, releasedatum en omschrijving ook de volgende zaken mee te nemen;

  • Details
    • Publisher
    • Developer
    • Product Code
    • Languages
    • Age Rating
    • Genres
    • Maximum amount of Players
  • Availabilty
    • DLC
    • Demo
  • Support
    • HD Rumble support
    • Cloud Saves Support
    • Voice Chat Support
  • Requirements
    • Nintendo Switch Online required


This so that when you are viewing our releases you know where you stand.

NOTE: This is now only the case for the Nintendo Switch releases.
We are looking into whether we can extend this to other releases, but that is something for the long term.


Every week we update the releases and this information is also fully updated so that you always get accurate data.

Future option

We are also planning to add these options to our Search Filters. So that you can also filter on these properties.

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