Why should you actually have to create an account with NintendoReporters? Well provided; as a guest you can already do a lot with us without an account, but let us explain.

TLDR; you want an account, just believe us! Go to Make an Account!
Not convinced yet, sure that is no problem let us say what you can already do compared to then.

What can guests do?

Guests can view all of our content just like everyone else. We have never been a fan of content behind a login wall or even a pay wall. That is not our style and it will never be.

Guests can rate content. This feature makes it possible for almost everything, the only exceptions being pages and comments, to indicate what you thought of the content. To make it as easy as possible, we use the universal Facebook style. So we have a good idea of what content you do and do not like!


Guests can post comments. We have doubted about it for a while, but we respect everyone’s choice whether or not they want to create an account and we also believe that you should be able to post comments without an account.

It is true that we do so with the help of your e-mail address and name … because anonymous comments well we are not a fan of that. In addition, we can then check whether you do not already have an account and remind you.

Let us spend a moment on comments, because we have put in the necessary time;

  • Guests can sort comments based on oldest, newest and most voted.
  • Guests can use quicktags, for example to emphasize something or the like
  • Guests can like and dislike comments
  • Guests can report comments (flag icon), for example if there is content that would not be suitable for our medium or the like.
  • Guests can subscribe to comments from an item. To stay informed when reactions come.
  • Guests can mention users in comments. Makes it easy if you want to address someone.
  • Guests can see a user’s profile by clicking the user avatar or the user icon.
  • Guests can request a direct link to a comment through the comment id field.

Comments from guests will ALWAYS wait for moderation. That is simply something we can not / do not want to change. We give you a lot of freedom but blindly allowing comments from guests is asking for problems in the long run.


Guests can vote on polls.
Guests can view results of polls.


Guests can do everything with forms what you would expect from forms. It may be that you have to fill in some more information with regard to users who use the same form.


We have decided that if we do giveaways on NintendoReporters in the long run, this is something that will only apply to our users. Guests can view the giveaways but to be able to participate you must create an account.

What can you do more with an account?

Because we felt that there must be an essential difference with the guests, we also have a number of things that you can only do if you are a user on the website. Provided they can do everything above and more!

No Ads

Our website is designed in such a way that advertisements for users do not come in annoying places. But we wanted to make the experience even better for our users. Users will therefore get NO advertisements.

The only exception are our release ads (made possible by Bol.com (Dutch) Amazon (English). These are there to always give you a direct offer of the most important titles, so you can save a lot if there is a promotion. We don’t want you to pay too much for a game!


You get a real account that you can actually manage. Without difficult logins or whatever, just from the front of our website.

Account data

Look at it like this we want it to be as easy as it can be. An account is simply with us; Your name, an e-mail address and a password. These are the things that are necessary.

You are also free to enter the following information;

  • Own website
  • Biography
  • Friendcode, where you are free to determine whether we may share it publicly in the comments.
  • Avatar, you are free to set it as desired, but please note that due to our content we can not allow everything but we are quite flexible.

We are still looking at how we want to expand this in the future, but of course we will keep you informed.

Nintendo Collection System

NintendoReporters is busy with the Nintendo Collection System; 

This system is something we are proud to offer exclusively to our users.

In brief; you can digitally maintain your entire Nintendo collection using the Nintendo Collection System. From NES to Nintendo Switch, whether you are playing a game, see it as a favorite, have finished etc.

This ensures that we can offer our unique Game statistics;


We have already made a lot of things possible for guests with the help of the comments. But with an account you can still do more!

  • Users can temporarily edit their own comments. This is simply illogical and inconvenient with guests and we all have seen the situation in which we post something and think … no … wait. Or made a typo … or this or that. Users have 30 minutes after placement to edit a comment. Do you have to adjust something afterwards? Speak to an administrator or moderator.
  • Users can see through the comments which users are onlineEvery 5 minutes we check if a user are still online and reflect that in the comments. We also try to show this for guests, but that is technically limited.
  • Users can follow other users. Do you think MisterX always knows very well what he is saying and you want to see more of him, now you can follow him and stay up to date in that way.
  • Users can view their own content.
    • This includes your own activity in terms of comments, your subscription and who you follow.
  • Users get Live Updates on comments, if you are active for more than 3 minutes with comments and there are new comments, we will offer users to load these new comments. (Especially a feature with an eye on the future).
  • Users can use a built-in Emoticons in the comment box.
  • Your comments are immediately visible after your first comment has been approved.


Users can give their own rating (from 1 to 5 stars) for each release. This so that, in addition to our Reviews, we also receive input from the community about what they think of a particular game.

Reading progress

Users receive a reading progress bar for each item (news, rumors, releases, etc.). With this you always have a good idea of how far you are reading an item. Just a simple nice bonus for users.


In short you have the advantage that some fields are filled in automatically on the basis of the data that is linked to your account.

Do we want you to make an account?

It would be stupid to say that it does not matter to us, but up to a certain level it doesn’t. You can already do a lot like you have read. But I think it is primarily a choice that is entirely up to you. Does it have an advantage for us, not really. But we like to say we have an x number of members, sure.

So do it mainly for yourself and not for us!

How to make an account?

Yay we just know you would want to do that!

Well very simple, we think you should be given the option and that it should be as easy as possible.
That is why we decided to do this only with the help of Social Logins.
Why? Because you do not have to remember another password!

You can use; Facebook, Twitter, Disqus, Reddit or Twitch . It is then a matter of linking and you are done! But also creating a more traditional account is no problem, choose whatever you feel is best;