With our eyes pointed toward the the future, we want NintendoReporters to grow in terms of team. We would like to work with other people who are also Nintendo minded to make this a success.

We have the following job openings currently within NintendoReporters;

Job Openings

Since we have lots of plans, there are quite a few possible things that can be done.


A Reporter is someone who is involved in the latest Nintendo news and rumors. Of course as we are a starting medium we do not have relationships with all parties. If you want to reach out them that is wonderful, if not then that’s also not a problem; that is a task for us as a team.

You can write about anything in terms of Nintendo and as long as those relationships have not been established, you are absolutely free to use other mediums as inspiration. Keep in mind though we do not want be just a copy past medium. 

Write in your own unique and fun way about the news that you want to report!


A Reviewer is a person who is involved in assessing / reviewing the latest in software / hardware / accessories on Nintendo’s platforms. We are a starting medium so review copies etc. are not a given at this point . If you want to make the necessary relationships with the needed parties, that would be awesome, if not then that’s also not a problem. Review what is possible with what is available to you. Always be honest; we want to be a medium where integrity really means something. Imagine you receive a review copy from party X then still write as you normally would normally would.

Everything in terms of Nintendo’s fair game, the only thing we ask is too always discuss with others just what you’re going to review. That way we don’t get doing thing twice.

Reviews can be in video, text-format or both, but that’s entirely up to you.


A Previewer is someone who is involved with looking forward to what is going to come in the future in both software and hardware terms of Nintendo. Often this means giving a preview based on a tech demo, trailer, presentation etc. You get to work in a very free setting and can look at everything that can possibly come from something. Early access demos might be something that can come up once we have build the needed relationships.

Absolutely everything in terms of Nintendo what is not yet available is your playground. And that can range from new amiibo, to peripherals, to of course games.

Previews can be in video, text-format or both, but that’s entirely up to you.

Guide writer

Guide writer is someone who likes to explain how certain things can be achieved in either text or video or a combination thereof (that’s entirely up to you). That can be for games, but it could also be how-to’s for example in the field of hardware and consoles.

What’s important here is that you can explain it all in a clear way. A layman must be able to follow along with you but also the more experienced user. In some cases of course we understand that it might more aimed at the advanced user, always indicate that so that that’s clear..


An Interviewer is someone who likes to inquire people or studios behind the products. As you can understand we are a starting medium and at this point we do not have the relations for interviews with all the big names yet. But you are free to establish such contacts if you want. Or just look into other ways to see what is possible. In your interviews always keep a clear line, try questions that provide insight, but also feel free to dive into questions that make for unique content.

Interviews can be in video, text-format or both, but that’s entirely up to you.

Retro writer

A Retro writer is someone who prefers dealing with everything from the past of  Nintendo instead of writing about the present. Do you enjoy writing about a SNES (Super Nintendo) title or a GCN (Nintendo Gamecube) title no problem. Get creative! All Nintendo software and hardware from the past is your domain.

Retro is often half and half related to emulation, and that then again gets related to piracy. That is a subject that we would rather avoid more than discuss. For you it’s about the content of a game or console and not how people can use it in the present. People have Google for that.

Retro Items can be in video, text-format or both, but that’s entirely up to you.

Video reporter

A Video reporter is someone who knows how to make the content using video and completely does it without text. Unfortunately, we can not take care of the necessary equipment and editing for you. You are free to dive into everything in terms of Nintendo in your own creative way. In the future, if things work out as we have in our head we want to send video reportersto all major game shows to use it as a way to deliver more unique content.


As you can probably understand, at the current time we can not offer you a paid job . We wish it was otherwise, but that’s simply not. So, understand that a job as mentioned above is voluntary and has no direct financial merits.

Other merits such as promo codes, review copies and the like are currently not evident yet. But of course if this will are made available we will make sure they get to you.

Why should you become a part of NintendoReporters?
Take a look at the benefits; https://www.nintendoreporters.com/en/information/team/benefits/ 

We simply want to provide clear expectation you can have on the job openings we have at NintendoReporters.


As said, the jobs are voluntarily and to a large extent also optional. As mentioned we can not offer you a paid job and with that in mind we can’t require you to work like it is a paid job. It’s all about the passion you have in this area and what is possible for you. More then that we will never ask of you!


Nintendo love

Requirements may sound a bit heavy but there are some things we think are important if you want to help us at NintendoReporters.

That is a good understanding of the Dutch language (preferably) a good understading of the English language and an ‘unhealthy’ passion for Nintendo! 

If you go have all these properties than you’ve have already made a enormous step in working with us on hopefully the best Nintendo medium of the Netherlands and beyond!


If you are interested in one of the above job openings or think you can do something for NintendoReports in a different way then we of course would like that hear it! 

Feel free to contact us at Interested in Job Opening. containing briefly some information about yourself and a motivation in relation to the job opening and we’ll see if you fit with NintendoReporters.


Hey that’s possible too! We try to answer as much as we can on this page but taking away every possible question is just enormously difficult. For questions about the job openings we simply ask you to send your questions by contacting us . We always want to take all your questions away!