You have shown your heart for the matter! Hahaha nah no, we actually really need help. Help with building and maintaining NintendoReporters and we thought this Zelda tinted easter egg would be fun to add to attract your attention!

Why help?

There is quite a lot involved with everything concerning the NintendoReporters medium such as for example hosting (domains, servers, updates, maintenance), development (research, implementation and sometimes purchasing solutions that make NintendoReporters more fun to use), filling (writing, gathering information, building relationships) and so on.

In short, Nintendo Reporters costs ‘secretly’ something to be able to offer to everyone, but also a lot of time and work. And before you misunderstand me; it’s all worth it!

But that does not mean that we cannot use the help of others.

For the record; we don’t really earn a salary from Nintendo Reporters (I wish).

But we have chosen expressly to keep the medium free of advertisements. We are not a fan of those things. But we must also be realistic; we must also keep it fun and maintainable for ourselves.

Therefore this page to see if there are people who want to help us.

Help NintendoReporters!

So many things can help us … let’s at least explain what we have in mind;

Job Openings

Let’s start by saying that we are always looking for people who can do something for our team. For this reason we have created Job Openings.

  • Are you someone who likes to write about the latest news and do you have some free time that you would like to spend on it? Become a Reporter!
  • Can you explain to others why a game is advisable or not and do you have some free time for that? Become a Reviewer!
  • Do you like to think in advance about what a game will be based on the available information and do you have free time too much? Become a Previewer!
  • Do you want to help others on their way with a game by helping them step by step and do you have the free time for that? Become a Guide!
  • Do you dare to ask critical questions to anyone from the gaming scene and can you spend some free time on that? Become an Interviewer!
  • Are you someone who makes Retro games happy and do you want to convince others of the value of retro? Why don’t you become a Retro reviewer?
  • Are you skilled with video, camera and what’s involved? And do you want to become the ‘face’ of Nintendo Reporters? Then become a Video reporter!

In short, in those areas we have many possibilities where we can really use the necessary help. Note that as stated, it is voluntary and there are certain benefits.

But doing such things is very cool on your resume (you don’t want to know how well companies look now on to what you do outside of  your work). But I also think that we are also a very nice place to gain knowledge and experience … but yes that may sound unnecessary coming from me. I can only say go for it if it seems cool to you!

Will you give us a hand and help out?

Send in tips

Do you think it is too much of a good thing to really go for a ‘job’? That is possible and there is nothing wrong with that! But you could, for example, also share news tips with us. Because so much is happening and there is a chance that we have just not (yet) got the latest news.

Help us with the news we miss!

Review codes

Of course we also look at us enormously when it comes to reviews. And for now, in 95% of the cases, it is true that all games that we purchase are actually purchased from our own earned money.

Are you or do you know a party that can help us by offering review copies? Then we would like to hear from you.

In this way it also helps to provide content in the field of reviews. An area where we definitely want to grow.


Since November 2019 we have launched giveaways. These are made possible in part by what is duplicate with us, a number of parties that provide us with multiple review codes, etc. But that is not infinite.

We would like to use giveaways because it adds an extra dimension to what NintendoReporters can mean for its visitors. In short, it is a win-win situation.

Are you or do you know someone who wants to set up a contest / giveaway on NintendoReporters? Then we would like to hear from you.

But maybe you also have Nintendo gear that just lies around and where you no longer do anything with. Even in such cases, we would like to hear from you if that can help NintendoReporters in any way. We can certainly make something beautiful out of it for others, together!

PS: The giveaways are currently (December 2019) only for the Dutch speaking regions. BUT we are working on a solution for that.

Spread NintendoReporters

Maybe you are already very happy with us and we certainly appreciate that. But NintendoReporters is something that needs to grow. If you like our medium, be sure to share it with friends. Share it on socials, leave a comment once or drop our name once at Nintendo minded people.

Even then you help us move forward!

Suggestions / feedback / ideas

The above are just a few examples, but you may also have ideas that we have not even considered above. Simply put, we are nothing without the input we get from you as fans.

That is why I want to ask you emphatically; Do you have suggestions, feedback, ideas, questions, comments or the like, let us know. This is possible on every page on the website though the Feedback option.

Help us become even better for you, for others and for us!

Anyway, I want to thank everyone who has visited this page for his / her time and attention. I don’t want it to sound empty by repeating it but without you as Nintendo fans, we as NintendoReporters are nowhere!