The main reason we started NintendoReporters is to improve the reporting of Nintendo in the Netherlands. We have a very large dose of ‘unhealthy’ love for Nintendo and we ourselves are from the Netherlands. 1 + 1 right?


The Netherlands has a lot of parties who are engaged in bringing news (reporting) in the field of gaming. Without going into specific names, etc. what we mostly noticed is that Nintendo seems just to be a small cog with most of those parties. We understand that Nintendo in terms of market is smaller than Sony and Microsoft, but we have witnissed the whole history of Nintendo experience dating back from the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) era.

If you go back to that time Nintendo was the market leader worldwide and also in the Netherlands. Of course there since that time have happend a lot of things, but one thing has remained the same and that is the passion and love we have for Nintendo.

There are a number of other parties who are involved with reporting about Nintendo in the Netherlands and we do no want to complain in any way to about our competitors. Competition is a breeding ground for success in our opinion. 

But we do believe that it could be done better. In a survey it showed that the current set of Nintendo specific parties to the Dutch audience were not too familiar. Therefore, we decided to turn our passion to something more and we started NintendoReporters.

Goals Nintendo Netherlands

We have set some goals for ourselves that we want to accomplish. That starts with how we can make Nintendo a better term in the Netherlands. Where possible, we want to be eventually a fixed part connected with Nintendo Netherlands.

In short, we want that when someone in the Netherlands gets asked the question; Which party informs you about Nintendo in Netherlands? The answer is going to be; NintendoReporters!

Goals outside of Netherlands

Of course it is true that gaming and particularly Nintendo’s something which is obviously  universal and therefore we want to contribute a bit outside the Netherlands as well. Of course there is a lot of possible competitors which means a lot more work. But step by step, first the Netherlands then the world.

Outside this we are a pure Nintendo focused entity, ensuring that we have an advantage over almost all other parties in the Netherlands focussed on Nintendo gaming.