NintendoReporters plans on being one of the local (Netherlands) and globally leading Nintendo related gaming sites. From our past experiences on the web (the main editor has more then 17+ years experience in this field at the time of writing this (November 2017)) a large portion of reputation comes from working impartial and not favouring ads or review products in that regard as well.

Cover Costs

However, as the site expands the cost of operating for it are bound to increase. The reality of running a popular site (which we aspire to become) means that we have to make use of things like Google Adsense and the sorts as well as the occasional banner advertising by company X. Mainly because the income from that can then be put back into the site in the form of server hosting, game/hardware purchases and so on. Thus expanding the concept even further.

In line with our audience

Mostly we want ad campaigns to be in line with the content we are serving -which in the case of NintendoReporters should be mostly game related and if at all possible Nintendo related. As long as it is something our core audience would find appealing, we are mostly ok with it. (We are always open to discuss options if you are in doubt)

Integrity is key

But in no regard whatsoever and we can not stress this point enough will ad campaigns, review products and the sorts have any impact on how we report, review and so on. 

We don’t want to get caught up in any form of favoritism, bias or bribery; if any advertiser approaches us suggesting that we offer positive reporting, reviews or anything at all in exchange for a deal they have in mind for NintendoReporters, we would kindly decline without any hesitation. Also as this is not the way we want to work we would refuse to carry any further advertising from that company going forward.

NintendoReporters wants to be successful but in doing so it wants to keep it’s integrity. Because that matters to the people behind the scenes but also to the gaming scene in general.  Integrity is key!


If after reading this you have any questions or concerns regarding our advertising policy, please feel free to contact us and discuss it with us.


If you as a company want to advertise on NintendoReporters, well that is awesome. If you comply with the above mentioned and thus want to keep our integrity clean, feel free to contact us in regard to your advertising though Advertise on NintendoReporters and we will get back you on it as soon as we can.