In growing to where we want to be with NintendoReporters, content plays an enormous role. NintendoReporters is always looking for content that is suitable for it’s target group. This varies from press releases to reviews to editorials etc.

Without the input from other parties / relations we will never grow into what we have in mind; NintendoReporters plans on becoming one of the local (Netherlands) and globally leading Nintendo-related gaming sites.

We are therefore happy to work with you.

Integrity first

But in no way and we can not emphasize this point enough, will content or review provided products or the like have any influence on how we write, review, etc.

We do not want to be accused in any way of giving preference to, favoring something or someone or being placed in the light of bribery; If a source approaches us, with the proposal that we should write / review in a certain fashion, or offer something in general in exchange for content, a review product or the like they are considering for NintendoReporters, we will undoubtedly reject the request.

Because this is not the way we want to work, we will also refuse all future actions with this party.

NintendoReporters wants to be successful, but with that it wants to maintain its integrity. Because that is important for the people behind the scenes, but also for the gaming scene in general.


If, after reading the above, you have questions or concerns about our press policy, you can always contact us and discuss it with us.

Submit Press content

If you as a company have content (in the form of press releases, review products etc.) that you want to deliver to NintendoReporters, we will be happy to receive them. For this you can use the form; Submit Press content.

NintendoReporters at all times retain the right to decide how to handle the provided content. We will, of course, respect enclosed embargos.