This is a function specific to users.

Profiles are often very straightforward. Often there must be certain information on them that you moght not want at all. We are not a fan of that at NintendoReporters. In fact, we want Personal Profiles over which you have as much control as possible.

Well then let’s do it that way!

Account privacy and your Personal Profile

Your account plays a very important role when it comes to that. In it you get a huge amount of options to determine what you do or do not want to share. But perhaps more importantly you can determine whether you want a profile at all.

If you do not want one, then you will get alone; 

If you do want a profile, it might look like this; 

But you can also choose exactly what you want with the help of Account Privacy.

Decide for yourself which personal and gaming information you want to share and with whomever.