Not everyone is into writing a comment. Sometimes just because they do not know how they want to bring there opinion or because they are speedy checking the news or something like that. Yet those people often want to let them know what they thought of something.

For that reason we have added Quick Reactions to NintendoReporters.

What are Quick Reactions?

Quick Reactions are a way to respond with an emoji (kinda like Facebook). Don’t think about what you really want to say. Just go!

How do Quick Reactions work?

Just 1 simple click on 1 of the available emoji and you have indicated whether you like an item, love it, laughed about it, it made you cry or if it makes you angry. Even so, you still share your feelings with us and other Nintendo fans!

So if you are “in a hurry” or “not in the mood” to post a comment, do it quickly with an emoji.

But this is also something for non-users, visitors who have not yet taken the time / effort to create a free account can also use Quick Reactions!

Say it quickly with an emoji!