Play Cadence Of Hyrule without the rhythm aspect

Play Cadence Of Hyrule without the rhythm aspect

Earlier, the highly anticipated Crypt Of The Necrodancer & Legend Of Zelda crossover title Cadence Of Hyrule was released.


When you have no rhythm

For some however, the need to march to the beat might be a little frustrating, especially if they are unfamiliar with Necrodancer’s iconic rhythm based gameplay.

Luckily for them, the developers of Cadence Of Hyrule anticipated this and included an option to disable the rhythm feature. Players who miss too many beats during gameplay will be prompted with instructions for how to turn it off, although it can be done at any time by following these steps:

  • Pause the game
  • Press the R button and go to the System option
  • Choose Gameplay and look for Fixed-Beat Mode
  • Turn that option on

Once this has been done, players and enemies will no longer be bound to follow the beat, allowing them to move freely. The characters will still hop around on squares, but it becomes more like a regular roguelike.

While some might argue that the rhythm based gameplay is the entire point of the crossover to begin with, its nice that the developers gave players the option to disable it if they so choose.