Donkey Kong Country Returns for Nvidia Shield?

Donkey Kong Country Returns for Nvidia Shield?

Daniel Ahmad, a gaming analyst, reportedvia his Twitter account that Chinese gamers will be getting a version of Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Nvidia Shield.

Donkey Kong Returns

He reports that the game has been approved by Chinese gaming regulators and will join a growing list of Nintendo titles currently on the platform which includes Super Mario Galaxy and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Sadly his tweet seems to have vanished but it read the following;

Donkey Kong Country Returns recently received approval from China’s gaming regulator to launch in China.  The platform is listed as Nvidia Shield. It will join NSMBU Wii, Zelda TP, Punch Out & Super Mario Galaxy as Nintendo titles available on Nvidia Shield in China. 

Well I for one would love to have gotten it on Nintendo Switch… how about you guys?