Evercade – Release Date + New Compilation Cartridge Revealed

Evercade – Release Date + New Compilation Cartridge Revealed

The developers behind the Evercade have revealed the official release date of their handheld hybrid, along with a new retro compilation cartridge.


Release date

As stated on the official website, the Evercade is now set to release on March 20 2020. If that date sounds familiar, that’s because its also the day Animal Crossing: New Horizons is coming out. Some pretty stiff competition to go up against in our opinion.

New Compilation Cartridge

In addition, a new retro compilation cartridge was revealed for the system. This is Piko Interactive Collection 1, which contains 20 games from the publisher. Notably, some of these games were once released on the NES and SNES, and count a few rare titles among their number. 

  1. Brave Battle Saga
  2. Water Margin
  3. Magic Girl
  4. Dorke and Ymp
  5. Switchblade
  6. Way of the exploding fist
  7. NightShade
  8. Top Racer
  9. Tinhead
  10. Radical Rex
  11. Jim Power – The Lost Dimension
  12. 8-Eyes
  13. The Immortal
  14. Dragon View
  15. Drakkhen
  16. Power Punch II
  17. Power Piggs of the Dark Ages
  18. Iron Commando
  19. The Humans
  20. Canon – Legends of the New Gods

Are you at all interested in the Evercade?