Over 900 Games available already

Over 900 Games available already

It is an understatement to say that the Nintendo Switch has a lot of games.

In fact, the Nintendo Switch has now surpassed 900 titles that you can now play on the console. Of the 928 available, 846 are playable in North America. In Europe, 834 are playable. Japan has the least, with 543.

It’s over level 1000

With the Nintendo Switch still getting new titles on a very frequent basis, it shouldn’t be long before that number hits 1,000.

And that within roughly 1.3 years, could you have ever imagined the Nintendo Switch more or less swimming in games? Are all 1000 of them good? Well no there are some bad ones for sure but a lot of hidden indie gems have made the step towards the platform and we are happy to have them.

What games that are not on Nintendo Switch now, would you really really really like to see?