Deer Drive Legends – First 10 Minutes

Deer Drive Legends – First 10 Minutes

Hungry for some big game hunting on Nintendo Switch? Thanks to ContraNetwork, you can now check out the first 10 minutes of Deer Drive Legends.


About Deer Drive Legends 

The arcade shooter sees players hunting deer across more than 30 unique stages – along with a host of  local co-op and online multiplayer options!

Show those bucks what you’re made of. Take out the biggest and most vicious animals of the wild in this high caliber action fest! But be careful, or dangerous animals like grizzly bears and moose will be taking YOU out!

  • Single player Challenge mode
  • More than 30 unique stages
  • No blinds, decoys, or endless tracking – just pure shooting action!
  • Tons of power-ups and bonus items!

Deer Drive Legends is now available on the Switch eShop, for $19.99 USD.