Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Catherine Details

Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Catherine Details

The Japanese Fire Emblem account has uploaded a few videos and shared some interesting information about Catherine.

Here’s the translated information provided by the account as well as the character trailers.

Catherine Details

  • Voiced by Matsuura Chie
  • An alumni of the Garegg Mach Officer’s Academy, and a member of the Seiros Knights.
  • She is a fearsome swordswoman that wields “Raitei” (Thunder), one of the legendary weapons known as the “Heroes’ Relics, and is loyal to Archbishop Rhea.
  • In the distant past, “Fodlan’s Ten Heroes” were warriors given strength by the Goddess.
  • Alongside the “Crests” they received from her, they were also granted holy weapons known as “Heroes’ Relics”.
  • To use the power lying within the “Relics”, one must hold the corresponding Crest.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses launches worldwide for the Nintendo Switch on the 26th July.