Limited physical edition Owlboy

Limited physical edition Owlboy

At the beginning of this year Owlboy appeared on the Nintendo Switch. The game was generally well received. In addition to a regular physical edition, there will now also be a limited edition.

Even before the release of Owlboy it was announced that the game would not only be available in the eShop. On 29 May, more than three months after the original release date, a physical version of the game would be released. Now that date is approaching, publisher SOEDESCO has given more information on Twitter.

In addition to a regular edition, this limited edition will also be available.

Limited edition Owlboy

As you can see in the photo, the limited edition comes in two editions. One with a red box and one with a blue box. Besides the color there is another important difference.

For Nintendo Switch owners, only the red box is interesting. The blue box will namely contain the PS4 game. SOEDESCO indicated that only 6,000 copies will be available worldwide.

What is in it, well we have the picture below for it;


Are you going to purchase the limited edition version of Owlboy?