NintendoReporters is a medium that focuses entirely on everything related to Nintendo. That means we can say without a shadow of a doubt that we are 100% pure Nintendo. Everything on the medium is for and by Nintendo fans!

When we say everything we mean everything, to give you a an idea what to expect from us;

At NintendoReporters you will find

About Nintendo’s competitors

That does not mean that we have an aversion against competitors like Sony with their Playstation and Microsoft with their Xbox . We at NintendoReporters believe that it creates healthy competition. We may be Nintendo fanboys but we bare the other parties no ill will in any form or any way. A dutch saying goes “Who sows hatred will harvest hatred” and that is something we would never, ever want to  stand for. 

However, we want to focus 100% Nintendo, and therefore we are pure Nintendo minded.

Pure Nintendo – is playing with power!

Nintendo love

With the future in mind, we will continue to keep this focus that way. The editors of NintendoReporters had the necessary trips in the past to various others systems from the competition but are now 100% pure Nintendo focused.

Through these trips though we have gotten a good idea of ​​what the market has to offer and what Nintendo has to offer. For us it is the case that Nintendo is the party of choice from which games / software come out mostly on which we experience the most fun.

We are also originally from the Netherlands, which is the first market where we want to grown in with NintendoReporters!

We want to express the passion and experiences that we have had and still experience thanks to Nintendo and it’s rich gaming history. And where possible give it some more attention. Even if you do not become pure Nintendo like the people behind the medium, there’s really nothing wrong with that!

So just keep in mind; NintendoReporters is a medium that focuses entirely on everything related to Nintendo. We are 100% pure Nintendo but we will never discourage people who aren’t.