[FACT] Runbow and The Count Lucanor physically available?

[FACT] Runbow and The Count Lucanor physically available?

Most indie titles are only available digitally, but if we believe Amazon Spain two of them may come out physically. Runbow and The Count Lucanor are being mentioned as games offered on cartridge.

For reference



Both games have are scheduled for early next year. However, there has not been an official announcement by the developers of these games that theywill indeed be issued physically.

We can not be one hundred percent sure that this is a mistake or that these titles will actually appear on cartridge. Hopefully we get clarity soon about this.

Indies physical

Personally we cheer the fact , if true , that more indie titles should get a physical release. For us physically having a game has the necessary benefits. What is your opinion? More or less physical indie title for the Nintendo Switch?