Nintendo Switch – Year 1

Nintendo Switch – Year 1

Already a year has past, damn what the time has passed quickly. No, not for us as a website … we have only been here since October of last year but on March 3rd, 2017, the Nintendo Switch went live for the general public. And what a meeting that was!

1 Year Nintendo Switch

A year in which so many beautiful things have happened from a Nintendo point of view. Let’s try to show some highlights;

March 2017 – The Launch, ZELDA

What … a … START. It is unprecedented to have a Zelda at launch and then it is also a title that gives the franchise a new life in such a terrific way. But let’s not forget that it was the time for Nintendo to prove that they are finally dealing with marketing in a right way.

Who can forget this great Superbowl commercial;


The chosen song (Imagine Dragons – Believer), the timing with the break, the young adulst in the video and not just children … the HYPE was born and in full effect.

April 2017 – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Nintendo knew the fact that the month after the release they had to again release a meaningful game  because the other launch titles simply could not participate in any way with Breath of the Wild.

So enter; Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, a game that is accessible to everyone and is simply a systemseller.

May 2017 – Ehhh

A fairly quiet month compared to the other. Sure Minecraft came out but that is not my thing. Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers came out … but it was a bit disappointing in all honesty.

Maybe May 2017 was the worst Nintendo Switch month to date ….

June 2017 – Switch sales

The Nintendo Switch continues to sell and sell and consoles are almost impossible to get. Arms makes its appearance. And let’s not forget E3Rabbids, speculation, adoration … profit? Nintendo Switch Online is being shifted but remains free until launch.

July 2017 – Splatoon2 

If we say Splatoon2 then you probably already know that it was, and still is, a success to this day. It has such a loyal community which of course helps the sales of the Nintendo Switch also.

August 2017 – Kingdom Battle is instant hit

The surprise of E3 finally came to the living rooms in August 2017 and what a success it was. Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle did very well in terms of sales despite it only coming to Japan later. But a new success formula has been born. Add to this Sonic Mania this month and it was another very nice month.

September 2017 – Nindies and a top notch Nintendo Direct

Nindies have proven in various areas that they are extremely popular. One of the main examples was Steamworld Dig 2. Add another Nintendo Direct that announces games such as Skyrim, DOOM and Wolfenstein II – The New Colossus.

October 2017 – Super Mario Odyssey


Even though Super Mario Odyssey did not arrive until the end of the month. The whole month therefore was about it but it did not mean that there was nothing else fun. What about Axiom Verge and for example Stardew Valley.

And of course NintendoReporters also got to see the public light in October, our anniversary is still a way of, but with all the great things that Nintendo has planned, that too should be a success as well.

November 2017 – Skyrim, Rocket League, DOOM

If you had mentioned these titles in March 2017, I would have said NO WAY. But WAY!
All three games are extremely interesting for the platform. And we still can not say how shocked we were that the 2016 version of DOOM was possible on the Nintendo Switch … but all respect for that again to Panic Button.

December 2017 – Xenoblade Chronicles 2, 10 million

These months the Nintendo Switch has managed to achieve the milestone of more than 10 million units worldwide. Which is absurd. For example, it beats the Wii U … but that took 5 years to reach those numbers.

Add to that a game like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 which is a systemseller. But also think of other titles like Yooka-Laylee. And let’s all forget the drama of WWE 2K18’s postage.

January 2018 – Records are being broken

The Nintendo Switch is doing extremely well in all kinds of countries. It also establishes new records in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and so on. The Indies are also doing very well; Super Meat Boy sells on the Xbox 360 years back to the launch.


We got a Nintendo Direct Mini which showed us various games that we can expect such as; Dark Souls Remastered, Kirby Star Allies, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition and were introduced to the somewhat different Nintendo Lab0.


February 2018 – Bayonetta arrives, Payday2 and more

Bayonetta makes a magnificent entrance on the Nintendo Switch in a double pack … but also with the announcement that a third part is in the making. Payday 2 comes out, but unfortunately it lacks cross platform play.

Nintendo Switch Online is being moved to September 2018. Customer reviews came and went and then the Nintendo Switch was 1 year.

1 year and so much has happened and there is so much still to come. We can not wait to be surprised again this year by all the magic that Nintendo has in store for us with the Nintendo Switch, and we will probably not be the only ones.

Nintendo thanks again

It would be a shame not to thank Nintendo for the great year we had with the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch is another piece of innovation that once again has proven that Nintendo must be a fixed synonym with gaming. Thank you for taking this opportunity Nintendo, we and a lot of others are very happy with you and almost everything you do!

How did you experience the first year? Were there things that bothered you, things that you said … WOW and more?