Rex outfit in Breath of the Wild

Rex outfit in Breath of the Wild

A free side quest and outfit!

Against all odds, Link from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will get acquainted with the garments of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. How? Crossover or whatever. No link will not visit Alrest as far as we know now but there is to way to aquire a Rex outfit in Breath of the Wild.

The Nintendo Direct from November 7th noted that from November 9th there would be a new quest for Breath of the Wild with as price, a Rex outfit for Link to wear

Obtaining the Rex Outfit


To find all three pieces of the armour, you have to visit specific locations during the night. Once you’re at one of these locations you need to cast your gaze at the sky in a certain direction and keep your eyes peeled for a red shooting star.

The advantage is that there also is an audio cue which makes it easier to tell if you triggered it .

Watch where it lands and visit that location to find a chest with a piece of the armour inside.

The southern sky from the middle of the largest bridge.

The first location is the Bridge of Hylia – go to the middle of the largest of the bridges and look to the south to see the star.  In this chest you will find the Salvager Headware.

The eastern sky from the skull’s left eye.

The second location is Skull Lake, near the Zuna Kai Shrine. Look to the east for the star. In this chest you will find the Salvager Vest.

The southeastern sky from the peak of the tall, pierced snowy mountain.

The third location is Hebra Peak, close to where a Korok is hiding at the top of the peak. Look to the south-east to see the star fall. In this chest you will find the Salvager Trousers.

What does the Rex Outfit do?

When you equip Link as Rex, they give you Swim Speed Up and each give 5 armour. You unfortunately cannot upgrade them, trust us we tried.