Being part of the NintendoReporters team gives you glory and fame but besides that what benefits do we offer to our team, and why would you want to join us? Let’s find out!

Team Benefits


Unlimited unmatchable power. Well in a sense.

As a team member you get an elevated set of permissions. The cool thing though is that you get to choose what your powers are and are not. Like the job openings we wanted it to be all up your alley. So if you want moderating powers, sure. If you want to be able to do review, previews but not news or guides and retro etc. Everything is possible.

But keep in mind with great power, comes great responsibility.


I wish I could say everything you ever wanted but … we are not there … yet.

In the long run we want to be the hip place to visit for Nintendo related content and well that means games. While we have seen review copies come along every now and again … we are not a big time player yet. We due hope that changes in due time so that we can say without any doubt; You want to review or make a guide … sure here is a copy of game x.

For now that is at the sole discretion of the developer, publisher or marketing parties. But we tend to make this something more common soon.

Stay tuned for that … but in the meantime you are always free to borrow a physical copy (I can’t play all of them at once anyway)

Nintendo Switch Online

24/7, 365 days a year free Nintendo goodness!

A short while ago I was thinking on how we could do something for our team members and while it is not the end all be all it is something everyone on the team will enjoy. We have therefor decided to offer anyone who becomes part of the NintendoReporters team Nintendo Switch Online free of charge for as long as they are part of the team.

It does save you like 20 euros annually. Which is nice right?


Have a slightly more powerful say in what we do and become.

We listen a lot to feedback we get from our users. If you look back to how we started and where we are now. Well in my eyes, it’s Night and Day. (And im not hinting at Night Mode alone). But while we love the feedback we get from the outside, we also love hearing what we could do better form the inside.

Simply put because without people working on it from the inside we are a dead cell … erghh shell of what we could be. 


Well we are a lively bunch … aren’t we.

If there is one thing you will get without a shadow of a doubt, then that is fun. We talk a lot Nintendo we live a lot Nintendo and with that fun is something that simply can not be missed. Besides that we could plan some fun team activities in the future.

I’m sure I’ll all kick your behinds in Mario Kart for sure. Open challenge anytime anywhere 😉

In closing

Well there you have it … join us … we have stuff, stuff you will like!