30th Anniversary Mega Man livestream

30th Anniversary Mega Man livestream

Many gamers would love to play a new part in the Mega Man series, but Capcom has left the series a bit abandoned for the last  years. Yet Capcom is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Mega Man with a live stream.

They also send invitations out to the press which state that you should not miss this stream.


Does this mean that there is finally a new Mega Man is in development and that it is going to be revealed? Whether Capcom is going to make everyone happy again with a a lot of hot air still waits to be seen. Or is there for instance is yet another remaster coming?

We hope for a sequel primarily to the X-series, but that is probably not happening 
The X-series latest game was Mega Man X: Command Mission and that really did not do that well. But the X Series up untill  X5 we played with a lot of joy and we would therefore really like a new addition.

And to rally up the old debateon  2d or 3d Mega Man, give us a high end 2D version of the series please. 


The live stream will be broadcast on Twitch on December 4th at 20.00.