Bowsette – Twitter Trend Award 2018

Bowsette – Twitter Trend Award 2018

Despite fading quietly after a short but very lively hype of 2018, it seems like fan-character Bowsette has made quite a mark on Twitter.


ThePeach-lookalike version of the Koopa King, Bowser received a special mention during this year’s Twitter Trend Awards 2018.

Perhaps this should have been expected. From videogame mods, custom amiibo, and even adult content – Bowsette has been spotted in all kinds of communities online!

There where even some Bowsette like sketched in the Super Mario Odyssey art book. So who knows … maybe the female Koopa King will make some the headlines again, in 2019. But then officially?

For know; did you like the idea of Bowsette being a thing or … where you on camp stop this now please?