Canceled Disney Infinity 4.0 Kingdoms leak

Canceled Disney Infinity 4.0 Kingdoms leak

The first footage of Disney Infinity 4.0 Kingdoms, which was in pre-alpha stage of development, has been leaked.

Check out this pre-Alpha Disney Infinity 4.0 footage containing what would’ve been! Detailed breakdown and brand new pre-alpha footage!


Video credits; Infiniteer Adventures

About Disney Infinity 4.0 Kingdoms

Disney Infinity 4.0 Kingdoms was a game that’s going to use Disney Infinity NFC figurines. Unfortunately it was scrapped as Disney decided to cancel all development of Disney Infinity due to lackluster results of it.

The game could have come to Nintendo Switch if it saw the day of light, as with all other Disney Infinity games released in the past.

While this is not coming, let’s pray to Square Enix lords that someday somehow we are getting Kingdom Hearts