Capcom – Releasing 3 major games every fiscal year

Capcom – Releasing 3 major games every fiscal year

Capcom has informed investors and consumers that it plans to release around three major games every fiscal year.

These will be its AAA games such as Monster Hunter and Resident Evil etc. Of course they will also release smaller titles etc, but the company also wants to release three AAA each fiscal year. 

According to Capcom Report

Specifically, new titles [Diagram 1-A] will work as growth drivers as we (1) release approximately three major titles each year, (2) extend the sales life of these titles to 3–4 years with additional content and pricing strategies and (3) strengthen our presence overseas, which comprises approximately 85% of the total market.

Well lets hope that this means 3 major releases for EACH system really. We still have to get a worldwide Resident Evil for Nintendo Switch for instance. Also with how things are going with Mega Man 11, a Mega Man X9 (oh Capcom PLEASE) will surely come to us sooner rather then later.