E3 2020 – June 9th to 11th

E3 2020 – June 9th to 11th

For E3, the countdown to E3 2020 has begun. E3 2020 will take place from June 9th to 11th, 2020.

Next E3 should be a big one, with the next generation of Playstation and Xbox on the way and Nintendo’s momentum continues with the Nintendo Switch.

If Sony will be there…

Of course, the big question will be whether Sony returns for next E3 or not.

With Sony sitting out this year, it’s unknown if they will join in on the fun, but with the impending release of Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5, there’s a good chance Sony will want the biggest audience possible ramping up to their next big hardware release … so expect them to be there.

As for games what games can we expect?

The majority of the games shown this year were given release dates before June 2020 so honestly we do not know much. Only things we can hope for for sure are The Breath of the Wild sequel and dare we even say it maybe finally something on the Metroid Prime 4 front.