Famitsu – Level-5 tease – bring back to life!

Famitsu – Level-5 tease – bring back to life!

Famitsu has done a tease in which Level-5 might bring an old series / unreleased game back to life.

The Japanese magazine Famitsu has in the latest edition an interview with Akihiro Hino, president of Level-5. In the small piece of text, the interview of the November 6 issue is discussed slightly.

Piece out of Famitsu

Thus Famitsu wrote (roughly translated): ‘An interview with President Akihiro Hino! Maybe life is being blown into a title? “

The title is not known yet. It can be a never-released game (such as Ushiro for the PlayStation Portable), or an inactive series of Level-5.

But let’s think what we know Level-5 from. The Japanese developer is known from Yokai Watch, Fantasy Life, Professor Layton and Inazuma Eleven. Now we know that something is done with Yokai, Layton and Izuma … hmm what do you think?