Fire Emblem Heroes 30th March FEH Channel

Fire Emblem Heroes 30th March FEH Channel

Nintendo published another episode of FEH Channel introducing some upcoming content for Fire Emblem Heroes.


This FEH Channel is relatively short, and reveals that some 8-bit special maps will be making their way to the game soon. It also includes some humorous character profiles for various popular heroes rendered in classic RPG style.

About Feh Channel

Feh Channel is a special YouTube hosted video series hosted by Feh and occasionally Fehnix.

These videos are usually released every three months. These videos serve as announcements of large changes coming to Heroes in the next update after the video airs. Announcements of the past include new game modes, feature updates, and new Books and Anniversary celebrations.

Unlike New Hero banner videos, which focus solely on new characters, Feh Channels announce a plethora of new content including new characters, upcoming events, new game modes, and new features.