Game Freak – Optional four-day work week

Game Freak – Optional four-day work week

Game Freak announced that workers will be able to take a third day off every week for kid or family care. According to the press release, this will be determined on as required on a monthly basis, such as during summer holidays. So starting this month, employees will be able to take use of the work choice.

Very pro worker?

Employees will be liable for 32 hours at Game Freak throughout the four-day work week, or eight hours every day. However, compared to a regular work week, there is a modest decrease in pay and incentives. During the months when employees work four days a week, they will get 80% of their overall compensation.

Game Freak already has a work-from-home program in place that was established years ago.

In addition, the firm offers hourly paid leave and staggered work schedules.