Goldeneye Xbox Live Remake – Full game playthrough

Goldeneye Xbox Live Remake – Full game playthrough

In 2007/2008, a remaster of the iconic FPS Goldeneye 007 was in the works for Xbox Live, but never saw the light of day.

This was due to the complicated licensing issues surrounding the game and the James Bond IP in general.

YouTuber Graslu00 now uploaded what appears to be a full playthrough of the cancelled remake, which was allegedly mostly complete before being canned.


Goldeneye XBLA

Graslu00 stated that they could not reveal how they got a hold of the game, but suggests that it might be released unofficially to the public at some point in 2021. Unfortunately, due to the aforementioned licensing complications, it is unlikely that we will get an official release of this remake any time soon.

But who knows perhaps there is something that IO Interactive can do in regards to Project 007.