IGN’s revised list of 100 Best Games Of All Time

IGN’s revised list of 100 Best Games Of All Time

IGN has decided to update their list of the 100 best games of all time. Some Nintendo-related titles that were not previously there have added.

IGN Top 10 of Best games of all time

  1. Super Mario World
  2. Zelda A Link to the Past
  3. Portal 2
  4. Super Metroid
  5. Zelda Breath of the Wild
  6. Super Mario Bros 3
  7. Tetris
  8. Half Life 2
  9. Red Dead Redemption
  10. Super Mario 64

Well I can say I have played all except Red Dead Redemption when it comes down to this top 10. I would have liked to have seen Ocarina of Time in here but just stop and step back and see that in this top 10 … 6 are Nintendo exclusives!

Nintendo is in a league of their own!

Pokemon GO is at #100, Smash Ultimate at #74, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe at #68 and Zelda: Breath Of The Wild made it to #5. Super Mario Odyssey did not make the list … which we still find kinda weird really.