LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System unboxing

LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System unboxing

The LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System will be hitting LEGO store shelves upcoming month – offering nostalgic fans a chance to build a beautiful mock-up.

We just got our first peek into just how monumental the set is! Courtesy of GameXplain, we now have a quick unboxing video of the massive package, which contains a whopping 2,646 pieces in total. Yeah it is not for the faint of hearth.

Bags of pieces

Of course, this translates to loads of numbered bags (a standard feature of LEGO sets) to make finding the pieces easier – so anyone building this gigantic set should keep in mind not to mix up everything in their excitement


GameXplain noted;

How complex is LEGO’s new NES? Join us as we unbox the coolest LEGO set (and Nintendo Entertainment System!) that we’ve ever seen to find out!

Will you be trying to purchase a set once they become available?