Mario Kart Tour – 10.1 Million downloads on day 1

Mario Kart Tour – 10.1 Million downloads on day 1

Apptopia, a company that analyses and tracks app downloads, published a report on Mario Kart Tour.

According to Apptopia’s report, Mario Kart Tour was downloaded 10.1 million times in its first 24 hours. This means they beaten Pokemon GO’s earlier score of 6.7 million downloads as well as Super Mario Run’s 4.7 million downloads in their first 24 hours respectively.

Great numbers, poor experience

That in itself is great, but the experience of the game is something else. People are not happy with how the game controls, has to much focus on pay to win and the lack of some Mario Kart main characters. 

All in all Nintendo has to take action on that feedback and show they care. Because some people are also calling it a cashgrab at this point and that is something Nintendo does not want to be associated with.


We love you Nintendo but we do have to call you out on this one.


Also mentioned was the fact Mario Kart Tour helped to increase Super Mario Run’s downloads by 36%. Super Mario Run was downloaded 200,000 times in 24 hours.