Mega Man – Fully Charged Comic-Con Trailer

Mega Man – Fully Charged Comic-Con Trailer

We’ve finally gotten a glimpse of the new Mega Man cartoon which is sure to be a hit with children the world over once it releases next month on Cartoon Network.

While the art style is contentious to some, this trailer could win you over. 


About Mega Man – Fully Charged

Mega Man: Fully Charged stars Aki Light, a normal, upbeat, schoolboy robot with nano-core technology that allows him to transform into the mega-powered hero Mega Man!

With his Mega Buster arm cannon and iconic helmet, Mega Man battles the wickedest villains Silicon City has to offer. Beloved characters, such as Mega Man’s robotic dog, Rush, will return – while new characters, like Mega Mini™ and Suna Light, will make their debut!

While we might not be so fond of the animation series we are of course looking forward to Mega Man 11 which is coming later this year to the Nintendo Switch, how about you guys?