Miyamoto; Regrets choices Super Mario Run

Miyamoto; Regrets choices Super Mario Run

Shigeru Miyamoto talks about choices made in Super Mario Run that he now regrets.

Two years ago, Nintendo surprised a Mario game with the title Super Mario Run. Opposite a price tag of € 10, – you can run the well-known plumber with just one hand and jump over the fields of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Recently a message came out that Super Mario Run has passed a turnover of 60 million dollars. Yet Miyamoto now, two years later, regrets some of the choices he made at the time. He told that during the Computer Entertainment Developers Conference in Japan.

Miyamoto @ Computer Entertainment Developers Conference

First, Miyamoto regrets the level of difficulty of the game. Actually, the game should have become more difficult, but Miyamoto wanted the game to be more challenging.

This made Super Mario Run too difficult for some players. Later, the Remix 10 mode was added to compensate.

Secondly, he regrets the price of Super Mario Run. It had been decided from the beginning to sell the game for a fixed amount. Levels also should not have been behind a pay wall.

We did not do too much ourselves with the mobile game Super Mario Run, but what is your experience? Do you also have any criticisms on the game?