New Crazy Taxi Game Set in Open World West Coast of America

New Crazy Taxi Game Set in Open World West Coast of America


The new Crazy Taxi game is confirmed to be an open world title set on the west coast of America, with the original series director, Kenji Kanno, at the helm. This marks an exciting return for the franchise, promising both nostalgia and innovation. The game’s open world setting is expected to bring new gameplay dynamics, taking full advantage of the diverse environments of the west coast.

Kenji Kanno’s involvement is significant, given his impactful contributions to the original series and other notable SEGA titles. Although a release window has not yet been announced, anticipation among fans is high. This new installment is set to redefine the Crazy Taxi experience, blending classic elements with modern gaming trends. We will explore the game’s development, fan reactions, and what this means for the future of the Crazy Taxi franchise.

The Return of Crazy Taxi

The announcement of a new Crazy Taxi game has sent waves of excitement through the gaming community. This beloved franchise, known for its high-octane, arcade-style gameplay, is set to take on a new form. The upcoming game will be an open world adventure set on the west coast of America. Adding to the excitement is the return of Kenji Kanno, the original series director, who will be leading the development of this new title. This article delves into the details of this announcement, exploring what this means for the Crazy Taxi franchise and its fans.

Crazy Taxi first burst onto the gaming scene in 1999, quickly becoming a fan favorite with its unique blend of racing and time management. Players took on the role of a taxi driver, racing against the clock to deliver passengers to their destinations as quickly as possible. The game was known for its vibrant graphics, energetic soundtrack, and addictive gameplay. Over the years, Crazy Taxi has seen several sequels and ports, maintaining a dedicated fan base.

Significance of the New Announcement

The confirmation of a new Crazy Taxi game, especially one set in an open world, is a significant development. This move represents a bold step forward for the franchise, promising to bring a fresh experience while retaining the elements that fans love. The involvement of Kenji Kanno further elevates the anticipation, as his vision was instrumental in shaping the original games.

Kenji Kanno’s Role

Kenji Kanno is a name synonymous with some of SEGA’s most memorable titles. His career spans several decades, during which he has worked on a variety of arcade and console games. Kanno’s work includes not only the Crazy Taxi series but also other popular SEGA titles like Top Skater, Dinosaur King, and Gundam Conquest. His return to Crazy Taxi is a promising sign for fans, as it suggests a continuity of vision and a deep understanding of what made the original games great.

Impact of Kanno’s Return to Crazy Taxi

Kanno’s return is more than just a nostalgic nod; it brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record to the new game. His involvement ensures that the new Crazy Taxi will stay true to its roots while also exploring new avenues and gameplay mechanics. Fans can expect a game that respects the legacy of the franchise while also pushing the boundaries of what an open world Crazy Taxi game can be.

Open World Concept

The transition from the original arcade-style format to an open world setting is a bold move. Open world games offer a vast, immersive experience, allowing players to explore at their own pace. For Crazy Taxi, this means a departure from the linear, mission-based gameplay of the past. Instead, players can expect a more expansive, dynamic world to navigate, with opportunities for exploration, discovery, and a variety of new challenges.

Potential Gameplay Changes

The open world setting will undoubtedly bring significant changes to the gameplay. Players might encounter a more diverse range of missions and objectives, from time-based passenger deliveries to exploration-based tasks. The west coast setting could introduce a variety of environments, from bustling city streets to scenic coastal highways. Additionally, the open world format allows for more interactive elements, such as hidden shortcuts, dynamic weather, and traffic patterns, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

Setting: West Coast of America

The decision to set the new Crazy Taxi game on the west coast of America is intriguing. This region is known for its diverse landscapes, vibrant cities, and cultural landmarks. From the iconic streets of San Francisco to the sunny beaches of Los Angeles, the west coast offers a rich tapestry of environments that are perfect for an open world game. This setting promises a dynamic and visually engaging backdrop for the high-speed, chaotic action that Crazy Taxi is known for.

Expected Features and Environments

Players can expect a wide variety of environments in the new Crazy Taxi game. The west coast setting might include sprawling urban areas, suburban neighborhoods, coastal roads, and even mountainous terrains. Each environment could offer unique challenges and opportunities for players, from navigating congested city streets to taking scenic routes along the coast. The diversity of the setting will likely play a significant role in the gameplay, offering different terrains and obstacles to master.

Anticipation and Fan Reactions

The announcement of a new Crazy Taxi game has generated a wave of excitement among fans. Social media platforms and gaming forums have been buzzing with discussions about what this new title will bring. Many fans are thrilled about the return of Kenji Kanno and the move to an open world format, seeing it as a positive evolution for the franchise. The initial reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, with fans eagerly speculating about the new features and gameplay mechanics.

Community Expectations

With the excitement comes a set of high expectations. Fans of the original Crazy Taxi games have a deep affection for the franchise, and they are hopeful that the new game will live up to its legacy. The community is looking for a game that captures the spirit of the original while also offering new and exciting experiences. Key expectations include a vibrant and dynamic open world, a diverse range of missions and challenges, and the return of the series’ signature fast-paced gameplay.

Development and Production

SEGA’s involvement in the development of the new Crazy Taxi game is a crucial aspect. As the publisher of the original series, SEGA brings a wealth of experience and resources to the project. The company’s support ensures that the game will benefit from high production values, rigorous quality control, and a commitment to staying true to the franchise’s roots. SEGA’s role in the development process will be key to delivering a polished and engaging final product.

Current Development Status

While specific details about the development status of the new Crazy Taxi game are scarce, it is clear that the project is well underway. Kenji Kanno’s involvement suggests that the game is in capable hands, and fans can expect regular updates as development progresses. The absence of a release window indicates that the developers are taking the necessary time to ensure the game meets the high expectations of fans and delivers a satisfying experience.

Release Window and Future Updates

Given the current information, it is difficult to pinpoint an exact release window for the new Crazy Taxi game. However, speculation within the gaming community suggests that the game may be released within the next year or two. This timeline would allow for sufficient development time to create a polished and engaging open world experience. Fans can expect more concrete information as development progresses and SEGA provides regular updates.

Future Updates and Announcements

As development continues, fans can look forward to regular updates and announcements from SEGA and the development team. These updates will likely include sneak peeks at gameplay, reveals of new features, and insights into the creative process. Keeping fans informed and engaged is crucial, and SEGA is likely to leverage social media, gaming conventions, and other platforms to share news about the game’s progress.

Comparing Past and Future Crazy Taxi Games

The Crazy Taxi franchise has evolved significantly since its debut. The original game was a straightforward arcade experience focused on fast-paced, time-based challenges. Over the years, subsequent titles introduced new elements and mechanics, but the core gameplay remained largely unchanged. The new open world Crazy Taxi game represents a major shift, offering a more expansive and immersive experience. This evolution reflects broader trends in the gaming industry, where open world games have become increasingly popular.

Nostalgia vs. Innovation

Balancing nostalgia and innovation is a key challenge for the new Crazy Taxi game. On one hand, fans of the original series have a deep attachment to the classic gameplay and iconic elements. On the other hand, there is a desire for new experiences and innovative gameplay mechanics. The new game aims to strike this balance by retaining the core elements that made Crazy Taxi a hit while also introducing new features and an open world format. This approach ensures that the game appeals to both long-time fans and new players.

Kenji Kanno’s Other Projects

Kenji Kanno’s career at SEGA is marked by a series of successful and innovative titles. Beyond Crazy Taxi, Kanno has worked on a variety of games that have left a lasting impact on the industry. Titles like Top Skater, Dinosaur King, and Gundam Conquest showcase his versatility and creativity as a game designer. Each of these projects has contributed to Kanno’s reputation as a visionary in the gaming world.

Influence of Past Projects on the New Crazy Taxi

Kanno’s past projects are likely to influence the development of the new Crazy Taxi game in several ways. His experience with arcade games like Top Skater could inform the fast-paced, action-oriented gameplay of Crazy Taxi. Meanwhile, his work on more complex titles like Gundam Conquest may contribute to the development of the open world mechanics. Kanno’s diverse background ensures that the new Crazy Taxi game will benefit from a wealth of experience and a unique creative vision.

The Impact of the New Game on the Franchise

The new Crazy Taxi game has the potential to revive interest in the franchise and attract a new generation of players. By combining the nostalgia of the original games with the innovations of an open world format, the new title can appeal to both old fans and newcomers. This revival is important for the longevity of the franchise, ensuring that Crazy Taxi remains relevant in the ever-evolving gaming landscape.

Potential for Future Titles

The success of the new Crazy Taxi game could pave the way for future titles in the franchise. If the game is well-received, SEGA may be encouraged to develop additional sequels or spin-offs. This potential for future titles is exciting for fans, as it suggests that the Crazy Taxi series could continue to evolve and expand in new and interesting ways. The new game represents not just a return, but a possible new beginning for the franchise. Conclusion


The confirmation of a new open world Crazy Taxi game set on the west coast of America is an exciting development for fans of the franchise. With Kenji Kanno at the helm, the game promises to deliver both nostalgia and innovation. The transition to an open world format represents a significant evolution for the series, offering new gameplay opportunities and a dynamic setting. As development continues, fans eagerly await more details and the eventual release of the game. This new installment has the potential to redefine the Crazy Taxi experience and revitalize the franchise for years to come.

  • What is the setting of the new Crazy Taxi game?
    • The new Crazy Taxi game is set on the west coast of America, featuring diverse environments from urban areas to coastal roads.
  • Who is directing the new Crazy Taxi game?
    • The game is being directed by Kenji Kanno, the original director and producer of the Crazy Taxi series.
  • Will the new Crazy Taxi game be an open world?
    • Yes, the new Crazy Taxi game is confirmed to be an open world title, offering a more expansive and immersive experience.
  • When is the new Crazy Taxi game expected to be released?
    • A release window has not yet been announced, but fans can expect regular updates from SEGA and the development team.
  • What can fans expect from the gameplay of the new Crazy Taxi game?
    • Fans can expect a dynamic and varied gameplay experience, with new missions, interactive elements, and a vibrant open world setting.