New info Dragalia Lost

New info Dragalia Lost

The mobile game from Nintendo and Cygames is slowly but surely getting a face. In the Japanese magazine Famitsu new information has been published about Dragalia Lost, the mobile game that is made in collaboration with Nintendo.

For example, the story and some characters are discussed.

Story behind Dragalia Lost

The story is set in Alberia, a kingdom where dragons live.
All members of the royal house are Alberia have the “Dragon Transformation” ability, a skill that allows them to use the power of dragons by closing a pact with a dragon, allowing them to take the form of a dragon in combat.

One day strange things start to happen in the kingdom.

The Holy Shard, defended by the capital, is losing its power.
To save the kingdom begins “The Seventh Prince”, who has not yet made a pact with a dragon with his “Dragon Selection Trial”

The game focuses on the journey of this prince, his sister Zecia and Nahm the fairy.
During his journey, the prince will meet more than 60 characters who will help him on his quest.

A cheerful young man who always has a smile on his face. He is always ready for others and has the heart in the right place.

The twin sister of the protagonist One of the few priestesses at the church of Ilia. Never gives up and cares a lot about her brother.

A mysterious fairy who met the twins while they were still children. She is always lively and is the group’s pacemaker.

The protective dragon of the floating city Centrotus. Mercury lives since the beginning of time is the adjoining sea and has always been watching over the people.

An azure blue dragon who has lived in the forest of the mist since prehistoric times.
Midgarzwarm can control it again. Nicknamed “The Tempest King”

A red dragon living in the Adra volcano. Is feared for his temperament.