Nintendo festive advent calendar 2019

Nintendo festive advent calendar 2019

To celebrate the holiday season, Nintendo kicked off the festive advent calendar 2019. Everyday, My Nintendo members can take part in sweepstakes.

The prizes for each day’s sweepstakes changes – for example, you could take part and win a Nintendo Switch Lite Zacian and Zamazenta Edition for the December 1 sweepstakes.

View the advent calendar here;

How to enter

This is how you can participate in our giveaway:

1. Log in to your Nintendo account.

You can log in to our website by clicking on the My Nintendo button in the top right corner of the page. Don’t have a Nintendo account yet? 

Note: users with a children’s account cannot participate in our giveaway promotion.

2. Give Nintendo permission to send emails

If you are one of the winners, we must be able to contact you so that you can receive your prize. Therefore, go to OTHER SETTINGS in your Nintendo account and allow Nintendo to send you emails.

3. Click on “JOIN”

Click on JOIN to win the prize that is available on that day. You will receive 10 platinum points from My Nintendo as a thank you for your participation.

We wish all participants every bit of success!