Piplup is featured in a new exercise video

Piplup is featured in a new exercise video

Do you need to get in shape? With the assistance of cute penguin Pokemon Piplup, you can now do so!

A brief training video featuring Piplup exercising on stretches with the aid of a fitness trainer has been uploaded on the official Pokemon Youtube account in Japan. We get to witness Piplup do squats, side lunges, and other exercises!


An “Intermediate” version of this workout video will be uploaded later, followed by a “Advanced” edition on Thursday, according to the video description.

About Piplup

Piplup is a chubby, light-blue penguin-like Pokémon with thick down (and, presumably, substantial layers of fatty tissue, considering its plump look and real-world penguin biology) to keep warm. It has a short, golden beak and a dark blue head with a mostly white face. It seems to be wearing a cape because the dark blue feathers on its head run down its back and around its neck. On its chest are two white ovals, and above its beak is a small, light-blue marking that resembles a crown. It has flipper-like arms and three toes on each of its yellow feet.