Platinum Games – 3rd announcement; new studio for games as a service

Platinum Games – 3rd announcement; new studio for games as a service

Platinum Games are on a roll lately with two previous announcements and the third is they are busy opening a new studio in Tokyo.


The studios primary mission will be to create games as a service and they will begin operations April 2020. Games as a service isn’t a new thing as titles such as Destiny and The Division come under that banner. It will certainly be exciting to see what Platinum come up with though.

New Tokyo studio

Spreading Smiles and Surprises All Over the World

There’s very little that’s more rewarding than making someone smile. We believe that games are a great way to do that – to share an experience with someone and leave them feeling a bit happier.

PlatinumGames was founded in 2006 with the goal of spreading smiles and surprises all over the world. Since then, we’ve done our best to create home console games overflowing with originality, with player satisfaction as our top priority. Fourteen years of hard worl later, we’re proud to be regarded the world over as one of the foremost Japanese game developers, by gamers and fellow creators alike. I’m always humbled when I visit game studios abroad and our peers there tell me they’re fans of PlatinumGames.

Making a PlatinumGames IP a Reality

The games industry has changed a lot in the forty or so years since home consoles first arrived in Japan. New advances in technology and networking capabilities have destroyed previous hardware limitations, and now we take for granted that you can play fun, engaging games on almost any device you have.

However, no matter how much technology evolves, there’s one thing that never changes: Games culture is about entertainment. And as technology grows stronger and stronger all around us, we’ll keep pushing ourselves to make the most entertaining games possible. Part of that challenge has always been establishing a PlatinumGames intellectual property that’s entirely ours, and we’ve finally started taking that step.

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