Pokemon anime series – New footage

Pokemon anime series – New footage

A brand new Pokemon anime series is coming soon.  The Pokemon Channel  uploaded some brand new footage giving fans a teaser of what to expect.

It’s looking good so far and all we need now is a date for it to air over here in the west.


What we know

Not all that much is known yet about the new anime series but a few things are clear;

Ash is sporting a new look, and as somewhat expected, the art style shifted to a blend of serious and cartoony style we saw in the previous Pokémon series.

New ally

Ash’s new companion is Gou, whose dream is to find Mew and catch a lot of Pokémon. Though the new season will have a bunch of Pokémon from the Galar region, the region that Pokémon Sword and Shield is also set in.

But who knows what regions they might venture of into. Some favorites of us are the Indigo Plateau from Kanto, the Bell Tower from Johto, Mt. Chimney from Hoenn, Mt. Coronet from Sinnoh.