Pokemon Movie 2020 – First Trailer

Pokemon Movie 2020 – First Trailer

The Pokemon Company teased that it would be showing off the first trailer for this year’s Pokemon movie. Well, that actually did happen already!

During a recent episode of Japanese variety show Oha Suta, the hosts revealed the trailer in all of its glory.

Koko / Coco?

While we don’t get to see too much, we see Ash (Satoshi) encounter an all new character swinging about in the forest – and learn that the movie will be titled Pokemon the Movie: Koko (or Coco?) in Japan.

Ash and Pikachu seem mesmerized by the Tarzan-esque character swinging through the forest. We see the same shrine from Pokemon 4Ever which was associated with Celebi and its time travel. The we cut to a baby lying on the forest floor. The baby has the same turquoise eyes and brown hair as the Tarzan character, suggesting it’s him as a baby. Interesting?

Well the movie will be releasing in Japanese theaters on 10 July 2020.