Psyonix; cross-platform in 2018 for Rocket League

Psyonix; cross-platform in 2018 for Rocket League

Thanks to a Tweet on Twitter we now know that Psyonix ins 2018 has cross-platform party on the roadmap for Rocket League.

Rocket League is one of the few games in which cross-platform play is a reality. It would be so nice if games that are available on multiple platforms could work together. But that’s in some cases really still a distant future.

Playstation cross platform?

Currently only the PlayStation version is really missing in the fold, but players on Nintendo Switch can play with PC and Xbox One users. Before the end of 2018, however, there will be more options available for cross-platform fun.

Psyonix through the Tweet let know they are busy with cross-party platform. This means that you can be in a group of PC users and Xbox One players and then find a game.

A nice addition so that all major platforms can work together!