Reggie – Sony and Microsoft are not out competition

Reggie – Sony and Microsoft are not out competition

Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime has recently said that he doesn’t see Xbox and PlayStation as competitors.

Reggie went on to say that instead he thinks about how much time people spend gaming and how Nintendo can cater to that and fill the minutes with immersive, fun and entertaining games.

Reggie on competition

“Yet in spite of this comparison to other game-hardware producers’ services, Fils-Aime answered the question of whether he saw Xbox and PlayStation as competitors with a flat “I don’t.”

He counted the exact number of minutes per day and said that outside of the time a consumer spends eating, sleeping, working, and going to school, “all of the rest of that time is entertainment time. That’s what I compete for, minute by minute. That time you spend surfing the Web, watching a movie, watching a telecast of a conference: that’s all entertainment time we’re competing for.

My competitive set is much bigger than my direct competitors in Sony and Microsoft. I compete for time. When I do that, I have to be creative and innovative in order to win that battle.

And we must say to some extent we can follow him here. Look at the still major differences between Nintendo and both Sony and Microsoft. They are not competing on the same level. Nintendo has more or less created a whole league of their own with the Nintendo Switch, and people are loving it.

So following that logic, time is the thing you compete for with Sony and Microsoft. But you also compete with TV, Netflix, sports etc. You are basically competing with entertainment. And keep in mind people the original NES stood for Nintendo ENTERTAINMENT System.

Still Nintendo is synonymous with gaming and we hope that will never ever change.