ROCKMAN X DiVE announced … for smartphones

ROCKMAN X DiVE announced … for smartphones

Mega Man X will finally be making his return to the modern age … well  through your mobile device that is. Yeah not what you where hoping for right … 

Capcom Taiwan has revealed that ROCKMAN X DiVE will be heading to iOS and Android as a free-to-play title. There aren’t many more details about how the game will work or what its story will be like.


Rockman X DiVE

“Deep Log.” The digital world where the Mega Man X series games were stored. Also the memory of “You” as a player….

The “Deep Log” appears to be abnormal for unknown reasons. All stages, Mavericks, and all the characters from the Mega Man X series are mixed up because of game errors.

Come, players! Get into the Deep Log, defeat the Mavericks, and get the game data repaired.

Capcom is riding a high on the Mega man property after Mega Man 11 was well received both critically and commercially (among positive reactions for the Mega Man X Collections), and has been hinting at an X series revival for some time: maybe that should have came first as that is what fans are really hoping for.

But yeah that pretty much sums up all we know at this point about the title.