Shantae Swimsuit Special: A Summer Treat for Fans by UDON Entertainment

Shantae Swimsuit Special: A Summer Treat for Fans by UDON Entertainment


The Shantae Swimsuit Special is an exciting new release by UDON Entertainment, featuring beloved characters from the Shantae series in a collection of pin-up art set in vibrant summer settings. This special edition also includes an exclusive 8-page manga, adding to the allure for fans.

The Swimsuit Special showcases characters like Shantae, Rottytops, Sky, Risky Boots, and Nega-Shantae, all enjoying beach and vacation scenes. Pre-orders for this highly anticipated release start on June 25, 2024, through UDON’s store. The Shantae series, known for its charming characters and engaging adventures, continues to captivate fans, and this new special edition is set to be a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts.

The appeal of the pin-up art style, combined with the nostalgic and playful summer theme, makes this release particularly exciting. Join us as we dive into the details of this unique Shantae Swimsuit Special, exploring its contents, pre-order information, and the enduring popularity of the Shantae series.

The Shantae Swimsuit Special

The Shantae Swimsuit Special is a highly anticipated release from UDON Entertainment, offering fans of the beloved video game series a unique and vibrant collection of pin-up art. This special edition brings together the series’ iconic characters in a variety of summer settings, celebrating the playful and adventurous spirit that Shantae is known for. Scheduled for pre-order starting June 25, 2024, the Swimsuit Special promises to be a delightful addition to any fan’s collection, featuring not only stunning artwork but also an exclusive 8-page manga.

About UDON Entertainment

UDON Entertainment is renowned for its high-quality publications that span various genres, including manga, comics, and art books. With a commitment to celebrating popular culture through visually captivating and engaging content, UDON has established itself as a trusted name among fans and collectors. The company’s dedication to artistic excellence and storytelling is evident in its diverse portfolio, which includes collaborations with well-known franchises and creators. The Shantae Swimsuit Special is a testament to UDON’s ability to capture the essence of beloved characters and present them in new and exciting ways.

What is the Shantae Swimsuit Special?

The Shantae Swimsuit Special is primarily a pin-up art collection that showcases characters from the Shantae series in a variety of summer-themed illustrations. Pin-up art has a long history of celebrating the playful and glamorous aspects of characters, and this special edition brings that tradition to the world of Shantae. Each piece of art captures the characters in vibrant, beachside settings, highlighting their unique personalities and adding a touch of fun to the beloved series. Fans can expect to see Shantae and her friends in poses and outfits that exude summer vibes, making this collection a perfect seasonal treat.

8-Page Manga Inclusion

In addition to the pin-up art, the Shantae Swimsuit Special includes an exclusive 8-page manga. This manga offers a short, engaging story that complements the art collection, providing fans with a glimpse into the summer adventures of their favorite characters. The inclusion of the manga adds depth to the special edition, making it not only a visual delight but also a narrative one. This combination of art and story ensures that the Swimsuit Special is a comprehensive celebration of the Shantae universe, offering something for both art lovers and story enthusiasts.

Featured Characters in the Swimsuit Special

Shantae, the titular character of the series, is a half-genie known for her adventurous spirit, belly-dancing moves, and heroic deeds. In the Swimsuit Special, Shantae is depicted in various summer outfits, enjoying the sun and sand. Her energetic and cheerful personality shines through in each illustration, making her the star of the collection. Fans will appreciate the detailed and vibrant renditions of Shantae, capturing her in moments of relaxation and fun.


Rottytops, the zombie girl with a mischievous streak, is another prominent character featured in the Swimsuit Special. Known for her playful and sometimes troublesome antics, Rottytops is depicted in a variety of fun and cheeky poses. Her inclusion adds a layer of humor and charm to the collection, as fans get to see her in a new light, enjoying the summer alongside her friends.


Sky, Shantae’s loyal friend and ally, also makes an appearance in the Swimsuit Special. As a skilled warrior and caretaker of birds, Sky brings a sense of strength and grace to the summer scenes. Her depictions in the collection highlight her supportive and caring nature, showing her in relaxed and enjoyable moments that fans will love.

Risky Boots

Risky Boots, the main antagonist of the Shantae series, is known for her cunning and fierce demeanor. In the Swimsuit Special, Risky is portrayed in a more relaxed and playful manner, providing a refreshing contrast to her usual villainous role. Fans will enjoy seeing this side of Risky, as she engages in summer fun with the other characters, adding a dynamic element to the collection.


Nega-Shantae, the dark counterpart of Shantae, also features in the Swimsuit Special. Her inclusion brings a touch of mystery and intrigue to the collection, as fans get to see her in summer settings. Nega-Shantae’s unique personality and style are captured in the artwork, offering a different perspective on the character and enriching the overall collection.

Pre-order Details

Fans eager to get their hands on the Shantae Swimsuit Special can pre-order their copies starting June 25, 2024, at 10am PT. The pre-orders will be available through UDON Entertainment’s official store, ensuring that fans can secure their copies directly from the publisher. This special edition is expected to be in high demand, so setting reminders and being ready to pre-order promptly is recommended.

Pricing and Availability

The Shantae Swimsuit Special is priced competitively to make it accessible to a wide range of fans. Details on the exact pricing and any special editions or bundles will be available on UDON’s store. It’s important to check the store for the latest updates and availability, as there may be limited quantities or exclusive offers for early pre-orders. Ensuring timely purchase will help fans avoid missing out on this unique collection.

The Popularity of the Shantae Series

History and Development

The Shantae series has a rich history, starting from its debut on the Game Boy Color in 2002. Developed by WayForward, the series has grown in popularity due to its engaging gameplay, charming characters, and unique art style. Over the years, Shantae has become a beloved icon in the gaming community, with multiple sequels and spin-offs that have expanded her adventures and deepened the lore of Sequin Land.

Fan Base and Community

The Shantae fan base is a passionate and dedicated community that has supported the series through its various releases and developments. Fans of all ages appreciate the series for its blend of platforming action, humor, and heart. The community often engages in fan art, cosplay, and discussions, celebrating the world of Shantae in numerous ways. This strong fan support has played a significant role in the series’ continued success and the excitement surrounding new releases like the Swimsuit Special.

The Appeal of Pin-up Art in Gaming

Pin-up art in gaming offers a unique blend of nostalgia, glamour, and playfulness. The Shantae Swimsuit Special utilizes this style to present its characters in a fun and engaging manner, highlighting their personalities in summer-themed illustrations. Pin-up art’s appeal lies in its ability to capture a moment of carefree enjoyment, often with a touch of humor and charm. This artistic style resonates with fans who appreciate the blend of classic and contemporary elements.

Reception Among Fans

Fans of the Shantae series are likely to embrace the pin-up art style for its whimsical and light-hearted approach. The Swimsuit Special’s focus on summer settings and playful depictions of characters will appeal to those who enjoy seeing their favorite characters in new and imaginative scenarios. The reception among fans is expected to be positive, with many looking forward to adding this unique collection to their Shantae memorabilia.

Summer Settings in the Swimsuit Special

The beach scenes in the Shantae Swimsuit Special are vibrant and full of life, capturing the essence of summer fun. Shantae and her friends are depicted enjoying the sun, sand, and sea, each illustration bursting with color and energy. These beach scenes are designed to evoke a sense of relaxation and joy, transporting fans to a sunny paradise alongside their favorite characters.

Vacation Vibes

Beyond the beach, the Swimsuit Special also explores other vacation settings, such as tropical resorts and poolside hangouts. These illustrations showcase the characters in various leisurely activities, from lounging by the pool to exploring exotic locales. The vacation vibes are strong, providing a sense of escapism and adventure that complements the overall theme of the special edition.

Quotes and Announcements from UDON Entertainment

UDON Entertainment has expressed great enthusiasm about the release of the Shantae Swimsuit Special. In their official announcement, they highlighted the effort and creativity that went into producing this unique collection. They emphasized the special edition’s appeal to both long-time fans and newcomers to the series, promising a delightful and memorable experience for all who pre-order.

Social Media Reactions

The announcement of the Shantae Swimsuit Special has generated a buzz on social media, with fans expressing excitement and anticipation. Tweets and posts from UDON Entertainment’s official accounts, as well as fan reactions, have created a lively online conversation. The positive feedback and widespread interest indicate a strong demand for the special edition, showcasing the enduring popularity of Shantae and her adventures.


The Shantae Swimsuit Special is a celebration of summer fun and the beloved characters of the Shantae series. With its vibrant pin-up art, engaging 8-page manga, and inclusion of fan-favorite characters, this special edition is a must-have for Shantae enthusiasts. The pre-order details and the excitement generated by the announcement reflect the strong connection between the series and its fans. UDON Entertainment’s dedication to quality and creativity shines through in this release, ensuring that the Shantae Swimsuit Special will be a cherished addition to any collection. Don’t miss the chance to pre-order this unique and delightful collection, and join Shantae and her friends for some beachside adventures this summer.

  • What is the Shantae Swimsuit Special?
    • The Shantae Swimsuit Special is a collection of pin-up art and an 8-page manga featuring characters from the Shantae series in summer settings, published by UDON Entertainment.
  • When can I pre-order the Shantae Swimsuit Special?
    • Pre-orders for the Shantae Swimsuit Special will start on June 25, 2024, at 10am PT, via UDON Entertainment’s official store.
  • Who are the characters featured in the Swimsuit Special?
    • The Swimsuit Special features characters like Shantae, Rottytops, Sky, Risky Boots, and Nega-Shantae, all enjoying summer-themed activities.
  • What is included in the Shantae Swimsuit Special?
    • The special edition includes a collection of pin-up art and an exclusive 8-page manga, showcasing the characters in various summer settings.
  • How much does the Shantae Swimsuit Special cost?
    • Pricing details will be available on UDON Entertainment’s store at the time of pre-order. It is recommended to check the store for the latest updates and availability.