Social logins – working normally again

Social logins – working normally again

Fortunately, we do not have too many news items about things that we have had to fix at NintendoReporters. But we are not a perfect medium and sometimes run into some issues as well.

But what we do have luckily is a nice fanbase who point out things to us. And yes we love your feedback, we like to hear if we are doing something right or wrong, if things are unclear or how we can do things better for you.

Social Media logins

As you know, we have chosen to make our logins as accessible as possible. In addition, we have chosen to be able to log in with Social Media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

Last night, however, we were told by one of our loyal fans (Remco) that there were some problems with using these logins. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not, sometimes reporting x, sometimes reporting z.

This evening we therefore had to test the necessary and fortunately after some sorting out (we run a nice server environment with lots of optimizations here and there) we had everything except Facebook (the biggest boy) working again.

Add to that an hour of figuring out (because apparently Facebook since this month had gone one a strict tour in terms of Social Logins) and that is now also.

So good news for us all; Social Logins now work normally again as you would expect. In addition, we would of course like to thank Remco for his clear feedback, but also for short-term testing with us.

Keep reporting issues you might run into so we can make NintendoReporters as pleasant as possible!