Soulja Boy – I Made Reggie Retire

Soulja Boy – I Made Reggie Retire

Recently the sad news was released to the world that president of Nintendo Of America Reggie Fils-Aime would be retiring with Doug Bowser to be taking over the role in April.

Enter Suejaboy

Since then, many fans have taken to twitter to pay tribute to his time at Nintendo but Soulja Boy who has had trouble with Nintendo in the past with illegal ROMs has made a weird situation out of this.

Soulja Boy claims that he made Reggie Fils-Aime retire as President of Nintendo Of America which immediately outraged many Nintendo fans! And well they are rightfully angry with this idiot.

Sorry but we have never seen such an individual be so downright stupid. For once I hope Nintendo’s ninjas sue him for every cent he has. This shit cray. You can proclaim swag all you want but acting like a total ass like this will never get you over in the gaming scene boy!

Punk, you don’t disrespect OG’s!